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Fernando & Margarita... The Duet

Fernando Berni
Musician. Composer, Keyboard Player and Singer.
Among his more popular compositions are:
Two Lovers, Waiting For Your Call, My City, Fall, Paraná River, Holy Trinity, I am Jewel of The Interior and Come With Me To The Red Land.

Margarita Fleitas
She participated as a singer in the Pre-Festival of Cosquin, representing Posadas, Misiones (Argentina).

First Performed Together Professionally
Year 1980

Scope Of Musical Presentations:

Exclusive Engagement: 
Novotel - One of the most important hotel chains in Paraguay

Paraguayan and International Music. They have a wide variety of musical presentations that can be adapted to any event.

Artistic History:
Fernando and Margarita began working together professionally in the city of Posadas (Argentina) in 1980 where they made their debut in a very well known café of that time.
In 1985, Fernando and Margarita were hired full-time as musicians at Yacyreta, a bi-national (Argentine / Paraguayan) company in the city of Ituzaingo (Corrientes-Argentina).
Two years later (1987) Fernando and Margarita returned to Posadas (Argentina) where they were hired to perform daily in an important restaurant of the time. The duet became very popular and began performing on Channel 12, Posadas television, and many other musical programs.
In 1989 Fernando and Margarita were hired to perform in the Music Festival of the Coast, at the Manuel A. Ramirez amphitheater in Posadas.
By 1990 Fernando and Margarita returned to their native country, Paraguay, where they were hired by a well known hotel chain, Novotel, in the city of Encarnacion, Paraguay.

Curupaity # 865 C / Irrazabal, Planta Alta
Encarnación - PARAGUAY
Teléfono: 071-20-0739

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